2013 Favorite Singles

favorite singles

Are you in between series? In need of a quick fix but don’t have time to commit and obsess about multiple books? Well here’s a list of some of the single, standalone books that I’ve enjoyed! Some of these books may have a sequel, but the way these are written, you get enough closure after reading the first book. Happy Reading!


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An incredibly engaging and moving book about finding love unexpectedly and living in the moment. One of my all-time favorite reads.

“I think if past lives are real then we have been lovers in every single one of them. I’ve known you for a short time, but I feel like I’ve known you forever.”


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Beautifully written, profound and captivating. Another beautiful piece of work from Colleen Hoover. A story that evoked heartfelt tears, but in the end, left me full of hope.

“F#%k all the firsts, Sky. The only thing that matters to me with you are the forevers.”


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A unique, nail-biting story of love and survival. One that had me questioning how I felt about things one minute, then relishing in the enduring power of hope the next.

“I never wanted anyone else, T.J. I just wanted what was best for you.”

“You are what’s best for me,” he said, cradling my head in his arms, his legs intertwined with mine. “I’m not going anywhere, Anna. This is right where I want to be.”


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A classic Sophie Kinsella book filled with romance, humor and embarrassing moments that have you cringing and laughing and swooning simultaneously.

“I’ve never felt so bereft and panicky. What do I do without my phone? How do I function? My hand keeps automatically reaching for my phone in its usual place in my pocket. Every instinct in me wants to text someone, ‘OMG, I’ve lost my phone! ‘ but how can do that without a bloody phone?”


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A super-hot contemporary romance that totally hooked me! Seductive, sexy, enthralling, angsty and unputdownable. I loved it!

“After last night, there’s no denying the promise of what’s between us. I’m not backing off, so rather than coming up with a new defense – which I’m sure I’d find highly entertaining – just give in, babe. You know you’re going to eventually.”


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My very first rock star romance read and my very first Abbi Glines book! Sexy, sweet and romantic… a really enjoyable read!

“I don’t want to beg or promise you things I can’t give you. There isn’t much of me to give, but what I have is yours. This is all up to you, Sadie. If you want me, I’m yours.”


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Sweet and humorous with a sexy, British teacher! How can you go wrong? This book is really funny and romantic with just enough yes-no pull to keep me reading! Although this book can act as a standalone, Keeping Her, is a follow-up novella that expands on Garrick and Bliss’ story.

I was going to have sex.
With a boy.
A hot boy.
A hot BRITISH boy.
Or maybe I was going to throw up.
What if I threw up on the hot British boy?
What if I threw up on the hot British boy DURING SEX?”


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Brimming with emotion and love. No one writes epic, moving, heart-wrenching romances quite like A.L. Jackson. She is so adept at making me feel every single thing in her books… every character… every moment. This powerful and beautiful second-chance romance gets your pulse pumping and your heart beating as you read to see what happens next. I loved it.

“I had stayed on the same path that he had tried to save me from. But I had never stopped wanting him. Loving him. He’d fought for me. And I’d let him go without putting up my own fight… I regretted it more than I could ever say, more than I could ever openly admit.”


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Hot, sexy and seductive. Get ready to fan yourselves when you meet Trick! I loved this book for so many reasons… the angst, the two good-looking and lively characters, Trick, the horses, the passion, the twists, Trick… did I mention Trick?! I devoured this book!

“Pick ‘treat’. Please, for the love of God, pick ‘treat’.”


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Funniest. Book. Ever. Do I really need to go on? Seriously, I was laughing so hard, I was breathless. My friends and I still talk about this book! Everyone should read it. Everyone. Because it’s absolute brilliant hilarity. It’s sexy and fun and has the best banter I’ve ever read. I kind of wish I lived in the story, it’s just that good. 6 stars! READ IT! 🙂

“He was wooing me. And I was letting him woo. I wanted the woo. I deserved the woo. I needed the wow that would surely follow the woo, but for now, the woo? It was whoa.”


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Big. fat. tears. That’s what I cried with this book. So moving and powerful, and I loved the way music was weaved in throughout. A wonderful story of falling in love with whom you least expect, of overcoming crushing tragedy and of finding hope to carry you through it all.

“This book is for anyone who has ever lost a loved one, for anyone who has woken up crying and gone to bed the same way, for anyone who has had to learn that it’s okay to not be okay. Surviving isn’t strength, it’s continuing to breathe one day at a time; strength is learning to live despite the pain.”


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Sweet, romantic and engaging. A love story that began with happenstance, but was destined to be real.

“You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing together… then you’ll hear the sound of your soul”


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A poignant and heartfelt story of surviving your past and finding a reason to live. This book had it all — heartbreak, love, sadness, pain. It held my heart and didn’t let go until the very last page.

“I guess I liked the idea that… well, that there might be some kind of larger meaning to life.. the idea of fate and destiny. An interconnectedness and purpose in life.”


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Honest. Heartbreaking. Hopeful. A beautifully crafted book that dares to be brutally real with one girl’s story of overcoming tragedy by finding hope, love and courage to keep her life from fading.

“I hate that I am stuck. I hate that I am scared. I hate everything about my life. Every day is so goddamn hard, and all I can do is just focus on going through the motions just to get to the next day, which is the same thing all over again. But, it’s all a facade. Truth is — I’m drowning.”


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Beautiful, real, introspective, incredibly heartfelt and brilliantly written. One of my favorite reads of the year. A wonderful story of love and survival. I couldn’t put it down.

“I’ve had a lot of ugly in my life, Wilson. Lately the ugly has gotten to be more than I can take.”


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Warm, heartfelt, original and engaging. This book was a much-needed breath of fresh air. A story about a group of friends coming together — pasts, presents and futures colliding — proving it’s never too late for a happily ever after.

“We’re going to have a blast. It will be like The Big Chill without Kevin Costner and with better music.”


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Hilarious, fresh, fun and sexy! The kind of book you can’t stop talking to your friends about. It left me on a high from laughing so much! You will love it!

“I’ve never seduced a woman before.
Shocking, I know.
Let me clarify. I’ve never had to seduce a woman before, not in the typical sense. Usually it just takes a look, a wink, a smile. A friendly greeting, maybe a drink or two. After that, the only verbal exchange involves short, one-word phrases like harder, more, lower… You get the point.”


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One of the most addicting books of the year! A story about a girl breaking free from her past and finding the courage to be her true self. Filled with seduction, struggle and star power, I couldn’t put this book down. And god, it’s absolutely off-the-charts, intensely hot!

“I’m not the kind of girl he’s used to. I’m not an L.A. girl. I’m not an actress or someone sexy and confident and sure of who I am. I’m a mess. A confused, embarrassed, shameful mess. And he’s the god of Hollywood.”


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Beautiful and emotional. An incredibly moving journey of transformation… of finding selflessness, purpose, belonging and love.This story is one of my favorite reads ever and will stay with me always. It’s just stunning and I loved every piece of it… every word… every character. 6 stars!

“That’s what I needed. I needed to be owned, loved. BUT NOT BY A MAN. I knew then that I never needed to be kept by a man. What I needed was to love myself, to want to keep myself around. And in that revelation, I knew that if I wanted to keep myself, that a man wanting to keep me would just be a by-product.”


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Epic. Beautiful. Raw. Heartbreaking. Unforgettable Perfection. Brilliantly written and a must-read for every book lover. One of my favorite books of all time. A story of finding love and overcoming unbearable tragedy. I felt every single moment. It’s an absolute work of art. 6 stars!

“I live in a world without magic or miracles. A place where there are no clairvoyants or shapeshifters, no angels or superhuman boys to save you. A place where people die and music disintegrates and things suck. I am pressed so hard against the earth by the weight of reality that some days I wonder how I am still able to lift my feet to walk.”


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Honest and really moving in a way that leaves you feeling completely vulnerable. Sadness. Shock. Anger. Heartbreak. Love. Hope. And most of all, courage. I felt all these emotions deeply as I experienced this story about tragedy and love.

“Love is cruel and unforgiving. It beats you. Tortures you. Smashes your face into a mirror and tells you that you’re disgusting and ugly. That no one else will want you. Love whips you with a belt until giant, red welts are left on every inch of your body, leaving you too sore to even sit for days… Love rapes your mother right in front of you while she weeps… It touches you in ways and in places that it should never, ever touch you… It kills you, cripples you. It leaves you damaged beyond repair.”


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Absolutely amazing. An emotional, powerful, piercing and heartfelt story of love and friendship, loss and surviving the difficult “side effects of dying.” Beautifully written and deserving of all the praise it has garnered, I will never forget the gripping story of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters.

“I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I’m in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we’ll ever have, and I am in love with you.”


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A meaningful, transformational story about want, desire and the pursuit thereof.  And of what? Money. It’s about the relentless, greedy addiction to it and the empty stature it bestows. This is Spencer’s moving story of awakening, redemption and finding love in a fiery dark-haired girl he never planned on meeting.

“Greed is a strange, strange sin. All you want to do is acquire. Acquire money, acquire material, aquire time, aquire energy, acquire attention. The running mantra is ‘I want, I want, I want’ but that quickly turns to ‘I need, I need, I need.”


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105 pages of pure brilliance, packed with so much heart, humor and emotion that it left me desperately wanting more.
It made me laugh, it made me cry… I felt every. single. moment. This novella is true perfection.

“In the course of five seconds we go from extremely awkward to kind of comfortable, like we do this all the time and I realize in this moment that we just became so much more together than we could ever possibly be alone.”


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Introspective. Meaningful. Didactic. Emotionally charged. This is a beautiful, quietly powerful story woven
with multiple layers of meaning. It tells a heartfelt story of friendship, loss, heroism, beauty and love.

“True beauty, the kind that doesn’t fade or wash off, takes time. It takes pressure, it takes incredible endurance. It is the slow drip that makes the stalactite, the shaking of the Earth that creates mountains, the constant pounding of the waves that breaks up the rocks and smooths the rough edges. And from the violence, the furor, the raging of the winds, the roaring of the waters, something better emerges, something that would otherwise never exist.”


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Achingly honest and deeply heartfelt.  A story of pain and survival… of two broken souls finding hope in each other despite the darkness that consumes them.

“Broken hopes and expectations can leave very, very broken people. So after a while, you learn not to aim so high because when people fail you, you land hard and there’s only so many times a person can be shattered beyond repair.”


Get It | My Review

Edgy, intense, sexy, romantic and instantly absorbing with well-developed and intriguing characters. This is a story about
rising above your circumstances, no matter what they are, and seizing your true chance at happiness before you lose it all.

“I’ll take one night with him, with whatever he’s willing to give me, to earn myself memories that I can hold on to.”


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A story of hope. A story of courage. A story of truth. Heartbreaking and gripping, Samantha Towle once again delivers wit, grit, angst and romance, but with a more profound story that I thoroughly loved. It’s an expert balance of serious and funny, with once again, an amazingly well written POV!

“Sometimes that’s all it takes. Just one person to turn everything on its head. Remind you of the person you were.”



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Irresistibly sexy and sweet, this is an original story about finding that elusive snap, crackle, pop and being brave enough to embrace love with whom you least expect it.

“I’m not built for forever. At least, not with someone who thinks love is a fairy tale and we’ll live happily ever after. You haven’t seen the things I have, the truth of what so-called love does to people. There is no forever.”

“You’re wrong, counselor,” she said softly. “I’m not looking for forever. But I am looking for someday. I think I deserve that.”