Excerpt: Firefly by Molly McAdams

Firefly—Molly McAdam’s new suspenseful, standalone romance—is live early, and I’m thrilled to give you a taste of what you can expect!

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About Firefly

As the Princess of the Irish-American Mob, there’s no shortage of men ready to help guard and protect me. To slowly suffocate me to the point of seeking freedom—a place where I can breathe.

Kieran Hayes has been saving me for as long as I can remember. It’s in his blood, and one of the many reasons I fell in love with him. Until my favorite trait became his biggest flaw, making me resent the man I love. An unwavering warrior, his love for me has been shrouded by those instincts.

Save Lily. Protect Lily. Hide Lily. Cage Lily.

What I wasn’t prepared for was Dare—the man who would set my world on fire with just one touch. He saw straight through to my soul, as though he knew I was desperate for freedom, and silently demanded my heart from the beginning.

And I didn’t expect Dare to be Demitri Borello—the reason for so many deaths in my family. A man who will take my life the moment he finds out who I am.

Despite it all, I’ll love him until that moment comes.

A fire will die if there is no oxygen for it to consume. Ours is rapidly stealing every last breath we can sacrifice to it.


My words trailed off when a large hand slid around my waist possessively, and my eyes fluttered shut as a whispered curse fell from my lips.

In the second before he spoke, my heart stopped as the dread that had filled my stomach spread through the rest of my body like thick oil.

But the deep, gravelly voice that came from behind me wasn’t Kieran’s or anyone else I knew.

“There you are.”

I didn’t have time to catch my breath. Didn’t have time to comprehend the rush of relief or newfound fear that surged through me when I realized Kieran wasn’t there, or that a stranger was gripping me and pulling me toward him.
I was turned quickly, only giving me enough time to see the darkness of his eyes and hear his hushed, “Easy,” before his mouth descended upon mine.

His lips were firm, the kiss hard and fast and completely unmemorable . . .

At least it should have been.

Because that’s where it should have ended.

It never should have happened at all.

But when I thought he’d pull away, his fingers left chills in their wake as they trailed along the soft skin of my throat to gently curl around my neck. His mouth relaxed against mine and his thumb pressed against my jaw, tilting my head back to deepen the kiss for just a moment.

It should have been unmemorable, and some distant part of my mind knew that it needed to mean nothing.

But it felt like that kiss had freed me.

And it didn’t matter that I was completely unaware of what I was being freed from. All that mattered was the moment it ended . . .

Because the breath I took following that kiss felt so deep and so pure, and like I’d been waiting hundreds of years for it.

Awareness hummed beneath the surface. Prodding at my memory like a gentle reminder just before I opened my eyes as he slowly lifted his face from mine.

Those eyes . . .

Recognition slammed into me, and I was sure I would have staggered back if he hadn’t been holding me so tightly.

“You . . .” Surprise and confusion and a need to feel free again made my voice nothing more than a breath.

Dark, dark eyes were staring down at me, studying me as they had every week during the last two years. But his brow was drawn together like he was trying to comprehend what had just happened. As if he hadn’t been the one to initiate it.

The hand gripping my waist tightened, and his thumb moved from my jaw to brush against my bottom lip as that same energy that always danced across my skin in his presence seemed to come alive with his touch.

“What are you doing?” I asked, my words still soft as a whisper.

“Think that’s obvious.” The corner of his mouth pulled up in a quick, lopsided smile before his expression fell into a mesmerizing combination of wonder and frustration.

Oh God, his voice. As long as I’d dreamt of him, I’d wondered what his voice would sound like . . . and it was everything I’d imagined and more. Smooth and warm, and able to create a whirlwind of fire in my belly with just a few words.

And he was now looking at me as though he was holding the greatest mystery he’d ever come across—one he was trying to talk himself out of solving.

After a few moments in weighted silence, an amused huff punched from his chest. “Think I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” It sounded like a confession and a denial, and it was murmured so low it should’ve been lost in the noise around us.

But it was only him . . . only me.

Those words felt like they were wrapping me in their warmth as the need and the pain within his declaration resonated in my mind.

And I knew from the way his eyes seemed to demand to know my secrets, and offer to share every one of his, that I wanted to stay in that place for the rest of time.

Only him. Only me.

“I’ve been right here.”

And then my world caught fire when his mouth suddenly fell onto mine again.

My eyes fluttered shut and knees weakened when he parted my lips with his, and I became painfully, blissfully aware of the pounding of my heart for the first time in so, so long.

I was alive.

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