Fate Series


This is *my* suggested reading order. It does deviate from the “official” order, but having read the books, I think this is the best flow. Note that there are only 4 books for the main characters, the rest are either companion novellas or a related spin-off.

  1. A Matter of Fate (#1)
  2. A Matter of Heart (#2)
  3. Beyond Fate (#1.5 – Jonah’s novella)
  4. A Matter of Truth (#3)
  5. Unnamed (#2.5 – Kellan’s novella) – TBD 2014
  6. A Matter of Forever (#4) – final book in Chloe’s story
  7. Unnamed (#5) – TBD 2014


a matter of fate cover Beyond Fate_Cover a matter of heart covera matter of truth cover a matter of forever

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