Kristen Ashley Reading Orders


Kristen Ashley is one of my favorite all-time authors. I’ve yet to read a book I didn’t enjoy. Her writing style is unique, relatable and entirely addictive and her stories feature badass alpha males that once they find the love of a good woman, are the kind of men that make you swoon and fall in love. She also places an emphasis on family and friends, and aspect I absolutely love about her books.

There is no entirely correct way to consume all of Kristen Ashley’s books, but there are some suggestions based on my experience and her direction. If you are new to Kristen Ashley, it may be a good idea to read either the Dream Man series or the Rock Chick series first. Then consume The Colorado Mountain series and The Burg series somewhere in that mix. You’ll need to have read Breathe from the Colorado Mountain series, however, before your read Rock Chick Revolution. The Chaos series should definitely be read after the Dream Man series, specifically Motorcycle Man. And you should try to read For You in The ‘Burg series before you read Jagged in the Colorado Mountain series. The rest of the series can really be read in any order.

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Dream Man Series

Spin-off of Rock Chick series, fast-paced but a little deeper.
Think commandos, agents, cops and bikers. Can each be read as standalones.

My Reviews: Mystery Man | Wild Man | Law Man | Motorcycle Man

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Rock Chick Series

Humorous, sexy, action-packed, fast-paced romance.
Bad ass bikers find love and a whole lot of trouble along the way.
Can be read as standalones.

My Reviews: Rock Chick #1
*Note, Rock Chick Reawakening (1001 Dark Nights) is a prequel novella, but can be read after completing the series.

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The Colorado Mountain Series

Descriptive, raw and heartfelt. Stories take place in two fictional Colorado towns situated close
to each other, Gnaw Bone and Carnal. This series follows the stories of eight connected men
on their rocky road to second chances. 
Can be read as standalones.

My Reviews: The Gamble | Sweet DreamsLady Luck | Breathe | Kaleidoscope | Bounty

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

The ‘Burg Series

Full KA experience all about second chances at love. Hot, heartfelt and action-packed.
Series of six standalones although recommend reading At Peace before you read The Promise.

My Reviews: For YouAt Peace | Golden TrailThe Promise | Hold On

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Chaos Series

Spin-off series from Motorcycle Man. All about kickass bikers of the Chaos MC.
Read after Dream Man series. Can be read as standalones.

My Reviews: Own The Wind | Ride Steady | Walk Through Fire

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Unfinished Hero Series

Series of erotic romance standalones exploring love and trust.
The series is all about anti-heroes and anti-heroines.

My Reviews: KnightCreed | Raid | Deacon | Sebring

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Magdalene Series

A trilogy of emotional, heartfelt romances that take place in the fictional town of Magdalene.
Can be read as standalones.

My Reviews: The Will | Soaring

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The Three Series

Paranormal romance. Series of standalones. The Three Series will be a trilogy which follow
the three couples, mixtures of immortal and mortal, prophesied to save humanity.
We start with a vampire and a human. We move onto werewolves. And then…?

My Reviews: Until the Sun Falls from the Sky | With Everything I Am | Wild And Free

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Fantasyland Series

Series of five fantasy novels that take place in our world and a parellel universe.
Can be read as standalones.

My review of Midnight Soul

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Ghosts and Reincarnation Series

Series of stories inspired by actual castles. Can be read as standalones.

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Heaven and Hell Series

Two books expected. Can be read as standalones.

My review of Heaven and Hell

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Colorado Plains Series

Not sure how many books expected. Stories will come from those in Mustang, Colorado.
Next will be Whit’s story.

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My review of Three Wishes

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Honey series

My review of The Deep End