Mega Alphas


Are you still not over Christian Grey? Do the names Gideon Cross and Ethan Blackstone make you instantly start sweating? Does Jesse Ward simultaneously shock you and make you want to do whatever he says? Mega alphas… confident, in control, arrogant, possessive and sexy as hell! Sometimes we hate them, but most of the time, we love them!

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♥ Christian Grey 

♥ Gabriel Emerson 
My review: Gabriel’s Redemption

♥ Gideon Cross 
My review: Entwined With You | Captivated By You

This series is meant to be a quintet, the final book is entitled One With You. 

♥ Ethan Blackstone 
My reviews: Naked | All In | Eyes Wide Open | Rare and Precious Things

♥ Gavin Blake ♥
My reviews: CollidePulse


♥ Tony Rawlings 
My Reviews: Consequences | Truth | Convicted

♥ Trenton Merrick 
My review: Frontline


 Jericho Barrons 

My reviews: Darkfever | Bloodfever | Faefever + Dreamfever | Shadowfever

 Carter Reed 
My review of Carter Reed

carter reed

♥ Remington Tate 
My reviews: Real | Mine

♥ Jesse Ward 

It should be noted that Kristen Ashley is perhaps the queen of all alphas, but below are the books of hers I’ve had a chance to read! More will definitely be added soon!

♥ The Men of Chaos 
My reviews: Own The Wind | Ride Steady | Walk Through Fire

♥ The ‘Hot Bunch’ Rock Chick Men 
My review of Rock Chick #1

♥ The Men of the Colorado Mountain Series 

My reviews: The Gamble | Lady Luck |Breathe | Kaleidoscope

♥ The Men of The Dream Man Series 

My reviews:  Mystery Man | Wild Man | Law Man | Motorcycle Man

♥ The Men of The ‘Burg Series 

My reviews: For You | At Peace | Golden Trail | The Promise | Hold On


♥ The Men of The Unfinished Hero Series 

My reviews: Knight | Creed | Raid | Deacon | Sebring

♥ Colton Donavan 

My reviews:  Driven | Fueled | Crashed

♥ Roth 
My review of Alpha

♥ Tristan Vega