Review: Where Sea Meets Sky by Karina Halle

My Thoughts

A spirited, sexy romantic adventure
penned in Halle’s distinctive and edgy style.



where sea meets sky coverA new adult novel that perfectly captures the existential angst of your early twenties with raw wit, fresh insight, and true feeling from a critically adored USA TODAY bestselling author.

Joshua Miles has spent his early twenties spinning his wheels. Working dead-end jobs and living at home has left him exhausted and uninspired, with little energy to pursue his passion for graphic art. Until he meets Gemma Henare, a vivacious out-of-towner from New Zealand. What begins as a one-night stand soon becomes a turning point for Josh. He can’t get Gemma out of his head, even after she has left for home, and finds himself throwing caution to the wind for the first time in his life.

It’s not long before Josh is headed to New Zealand with only a backpack, some cash, and Gemma’s name to go on. But when he finally tracks her down, he finds his adventure is only just beginning. Equally infatuated, Gemma leads him on a whirlwind tour across the beautiful country, opening Josh up to life, lust, love, and all the messy heartache in between. Because, when love drags you somewhere, it might never let go—even when you know you have to say goodbye.

My Review

Karina Halle takes us on another epic adventure… a journey of self-discovery and love, of taking chances and redefining futures. We first met Josh in Love, In English. He’s Vera’s tatted, artist brother who lives at home. Like Vera, initially, Josh is going through the motions, feeling the need for something more, without knowing what is missing. But one night, Josh meets Gemma and they just click. She’s sexy, she’s fiery, she’s funny, she totally seems to get him and she’s there for just one night before she returns to New Zealand.

“This woman seems to be everything I’m looking for and I only have her for one night, if I even have her at all.”

They have one amazing night, cut too short. When Gemma returns to Auckland, we learn that she is lost too. She has a restlessness, a pent-up desire that begs for a different life, but with a past that has been anything but kind, she sticks to the safe and predictable.

Until Josh unexpectedly shows up across the ocean, looking for her.

“I think he can feel it in me, this wildness. I want to pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist and the rest of my life doesn’t exist and the only thing that’s certain is here and now.”

When Josh takes this leap, takes this risk, and goes in search of the girl he can’t seem to forget, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. But when he sees Gemma again, he realizes things are much different than he expected. More complicated. Gemma pushes Josh away, while at the same time, wanting him desperately.

“I want him to want me. I want him to not want me. I don’t know what I want.”

Gemma takes Josh on a journey through some amazing locations in New Zealand as they both learn about themselves, and each other. Pasts, insecurities, truths and hidden desires all see the light of day in a place that changes everything.

“Before this … I was just going through the motions. Now I am the motion.”

Gemma reminded me of Vera in so many ways, they were both edgy, bold women who seemed trapped within themselves. Their paths were different, but the search for the core of who they were… who they wanted to be… is quite similar. Gemma and Josh are apart for a large part of the story and I wanted to see more moments of connection and intimacy throughout their adventure, allowing us readers to feel them together as a couple. The last quartile or so of the book really gives us more opportunity to see them together and I loved that. In fact, I really enjoyed the volatility and angst that the last portion of the story imparted.

I absolutely loved Halle’s ability to whisk us away and make it seem as if we were in a far away place, where the beautiful sea does meet sky and sunsets burn into thoughts forever. It felt like an adventure. I also loved how vulnerable Josh seemed to be. I didn’t expect that, and I loved seeing his capacity to feel and go after what (and whom) he wanted. This is a great, sexy book in which to escape, and if you were a fan of Love, In English and Love, In Spanish, you are sure to enjoy.

“I love you, I think as my heart seems to expand inside me. And you’ll hurt me. You’ll burn me. You’ll mark me.”

Series and Links

Love, In English and Love, In Spanish should be read together. Where Sea Meets Sky and Racing the Sun are spin-offs and can be read as standalones.

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Exclusive Excerpts + Signed Giveaway: Better When He’s Bold by Jay Crownover & Dirty Deeds by Karina Halle

bwhbdirty banner

Today, I shared a dual interview with bestselling authors Jay Crownover and Karina Halle on my Love In Suspense column on USA Today (see it here), where they talk about their latest projects: Better When He’s Bold and Dirty Deeds. Now, I’m thrilled to exclusively share these never-before-seen excerpts from both of these amazing books! Plus I have a giveaway for a signed copy of each, which you can enter at the bottom of the post!

Better When He’s Bold

better when he's bold coverSome men are just better when they’re bold.

Welcome to the Point…

In a dark and broken kingdom, a ruler has to be fearless to control the streets and the ruthless people who run them.

Race Hartman is just bold enough, just smart enough, and just lost enough to wear the crown. Places like the Point will always have bad things and bad people, but the man in control of all that badness can minimize the devastation. Race has a plan, but can he prevent total annihilation without destroying himself?

Brysen Carter has always seen her best friend’s brother for what he is–too pretty, too smooth, and way too dangerous to touch. Basking in Race’s golden glow is very tempting, but Brysen knows she’d eventually get burned.

When she starts receiving threatening texts and someone tries to take her out in parking lot, the only person interested in keeping her safe is the one man she can’t allow herself to have.

Sometimes being bold is the only way to stay alive. But can she let Race save her life . . . if it means losing herself to him?


I hurt everywhere. Every single spot on my body that had suffered a blow from heavy hands, every part of my body that had been used to defend myself, just ached all the way down to my bones. I felt battered and bruised everywhere, from the inside out.

The only place that didn’t hurt or ache was the spot on my chest where Brysen’s head was resting. In sleep, her ear was pressed to the thump of my heart and her hand was curled around my waist. She was like the cool side of the pillow. Like frost on a windowpane, soothing all the bumps and bruises. Where I should be burning up with all of her sexy and honeyed nakedness pressed up against me, instead I felt like she was a refreshing breeze cutting through the smog and pollution that typically flooded my lungs. Her white-blond hair felt like raw silk where it rubbed against my skin, and with zero effort she had my eager body stirring under the covers.

Since she stayed the night, let me have at her without question while I tried to work out all the dark shit in my head, I thought the least I could do was pull the bed out and let her sleep in semicomfort. Not that I let her get that much shut-eye. There was something unique about her. Something about the way she was when she was with me that made me want to get into her, take her apart, see everything she was working with and put my hands on all of it. She was like the best puzzle, the hardest problem I had ever tried to figure out, and it made me like her more than I already did.

I was just thinking about the best way to wake her up, wondering if she would freak out if I skipped all the preamble and just put my mouth between her legs. So far she had surprised me. She seemed down with whatever I wanted to do to her, do with her, but considering we had just scratched the surface of all the ways I wanted to mess her up, I still didn’t know how far she was willing to let me go or where her hard boundaries were. I don’t think I had any particular boundaries where she was concerned, and that made my blood thick and my dick hard.

I was running my hand down her side, thinking she felt like all the luxury and finer things I had long since left behind, when my chance to seduce her awake was blown by my phone screaming at me from the floor where it was tangled in my pants. I was used to the damn thing going off at all hours of the day and night. People wanted to give me money or take my money all the time and they never paid attention to a clock. What I wasn’t used to was my mother calling me—ever. That was a ring tone I hadn’t heard in months and months, including the time I had the life nearly beaten out of me by Novak’s thugs and I ended up in the hospital. She had firmly joined the Race-is-a-worthless-piece-of-shit bandwagon as soon as my father had declared me persona non grata at the Hartman castle. She had no clue what kind of man my father really was and saw no issue with believing him and whatever lies he told to justify disowning me and taking away every penny I had to my name.

Brysen muttered something and her eyes fluttered open to look at me. I saw her take a second to take stock, realize where she was, then she stacked her hands under her chin and looked out at me from under a tangle of pale hair.

“Are you going to answer it?”

I hadn’t, and now it was ringing again.

“I don’t really want to.” She was naked and draped across me, my face hurt, and my dick was hard. There were a hundred and one other things I could think of that I would rather do than answer that phone.


I sighed and shifted so I could snatch the phone up off the floor. She rolled to the side and took the single blanket I had thrown over us at some point in the night with her. She looked so sweet all rumpled and thoroughly sexed up but so out of place in the hollow and empty loft. She pushed her hair off of her face and watched me with careful eyes.

“I wish it was work.” I swiped a finger across the screen of the phone and moved to the edge of the bed. Only my past could instantly deflate the erection Brysen and her sexy, chilly blondness had inspired.

“Been a while, Mom.”

There was no masking the bitterness and anger in my tone and I saw Brysen look at me with concern. I sighed again as she climbed off the other side of the bed, taking the blanket with her as she went toward the bathroom.

“Race …” My mother was crying, hysterical even, and I thought I should try to care.

“What do you want?” I sounded like an asshole but I couldn’t help it. I reached for my discarded jeans.

“I need you to meet me down at the police station.”

I paused. “Why?”

She made a hiccuping noise and then a sound like that of a dying animal. “You father has been arrested.”

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better when he's bad better when he's bold cover

Each can be read as a standalone. Click on image to purchase from Amazon U.S.


Dirty Deeds

dirty deeds coverFrom The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author of The Pact and Sins & Needles, comes the next standalone novel in the darkly romantic suspense Dirty Angels Trilogy – DIRTY DEEDS.

As a flight attendant, Alana Bernal has had her share of suitors. She’s also had more than her fair share of tragedy within her messed-up family. But what she hasn’t had is love. Real, rip-your-heart-out, tear-your-clothes-off, all-consuming love.

At least that was the case until she met an American tourist, Derek Conway, a ripped ex-soldier with steely eyes and a commanding presence.

What started as a chance encounter between the two in Puerto Vallarta, a weekend full of hot sex and mindless passion, has led to something more.

Something deadly.

Because Derek isn’t the type of man to fall in love. He’s not a man who sticks around.

And he’s definitely not in Mexico on vacation.

Derek is a mercenary, a killer-for-hire, a man who does the ugly jobs for the highest bidder.

Unfortunately for Alana and Derek, the highest bidder has the power to destroy whatever worlds they have created for themselves.

The highest bidder can destroy everything.


Once we were in the back of the cab, she was sitting with her thigh flush against mine. I was somewhat dressed up – dark jeans, white and blue pinstriped dress shirt – and yet I could feel her heat through my clothing. That and her smell and the way her hair fell across her face, highlighting the coy glimpses of her eyes and smile, was driving me borderline insane. Though we made small chat throughout the ride, my mind was elsewhere, concentrating on keeping that well-earned control I had. I had to focus on the task at hand, which of course was her. But not in that way. I needed in deep, for her own safety and my own sanity.

It took a long time to finally get to the restaurant, located in the old town of Puerto Vallarta, despite the driver cutting everyone off along the way. You either drove aggressively around here or you didn’t drive at all.

“Thank you,” she said to me as I took her arm and helped her out of the cab. When she straightened up she looked at the place and made an impressed face. “Wow. You know, I’ve never been here before and I’ve lived in PV for a long time.”

“First time for everything then.”

I picked the place because it looked a bit different from the tourist traps in the downtown area. There wasn’t much to the outside except for a tall stone fence topped with strangling vines and flowers that bloomed like white and magenta cotton balls. But on the other side of the cast-iron gate was a different story.

I helped her over there, even though she was walking so much better now on her cast, and a waiter opened it up, giving us a hearty welcome to Coconut Joes. I gave him the reservation name and he led us through tables with ivory-lace tablecloths, past a clear blue pool with koi fish and a waterfall, under dramatic palm fronds, and all the way to a table in the back corner with a lit candle on it. The place wasn’t anything too outrageous or stuffy but it was just classy enough.

“Again, wow,” Alana said as I helped her into seat. I was starting to like being her nurse. She looked around, her cheeks glowing beautifully in the candlelight. “This is something.”

“Something good?” I asked as the server poured us bottled water.

“More than good,” she said. “The guys I dated never brought me places like this.”

Something pinched in my chest. “Oh? They take you to McDonalds?”

She gave me a look. “Most of the men I dated were pilots. They would take me somewhere really snobby and expensive to try and seem better than they were.” She took a polite sip of her water and straightened her napkin on her lap. Every day, her pain seemed to be easing, her movements becoming more fluid. “Then the next night they would take some other stupid flight attendant to the same place.”

As much as I felt an unjustified hit of jealousy, she was giving me some information, something I could work with.

“So I guess there’s a lot of drama in the workplace, huh?” I said casually, eying the waiter who was approaching us with menus in hand. In the background “Morena de Mi Corazon” started to play from the speakers. “Spurned lovers and revenge in the air,” I added.

She laughed. “No, not really. It was my fault. Rookie mistake to date a pilot…even though I did more than a few times.” She looked away, embarrassed. “Most guys I date are a mistake but no one seems to get hurt.”

So that probably ruled out the whole spurned lover angle. Not that I thought an ex-lover could or would attempt to have her taken out and for that amount of money. Love made people do crazy fucking things but that would have been a first in my books. Besides, if she did have an obsessed ex-boyfriend then I was sure I’d find out about him sooner or later.

The waiter came by and told us the specials. I ordered for the both of us – seared Ahi – because I’d never done that before, not even with Carmen, and made sure he kept the bottles of wine coming.

She was about three glasses of wine in, giggly and eating her fish with gusto when I started pressing her.

“So do you have any siblings?”

The smile seemed to vanish right off her face. There. I had something there. No matter what her answer was, I hit a nail.

“I have a twin sister and a brother,” she answered simply.

“Oh? And where do they live? What do they do?”

She relaxed her jaw a bit and took a bite of her rice. “My sister, Marguerite, she lives in New York. Goes to film school.”

Hmmm. That placed her out of range and a student at that.

“And your brother?”

“He lives around here.”

“In Puerto Vallarta?”

She shot me a wary look. “Around here. But he’s an asshole and I’d rather not talk about him.”

I raised my brow. “An asshole? What makes you say that?”

“I just do,” she said stubbornly. Then she sighed. “He just is. Every family has a…what do you say, black sheep. Right? Well, that’s him.”

“What’s his name?”

She bit her lip and said, “Juan.”

I didn’t know her well enough to tell if she was lying or not. I’m not sure why she would lie about her own brother.

I pressed it further. “What does he do?”

“He’s in importing and exporting. Trade with America. That sort of thing.”

Well, we all knew what that meant down here. Running drugs, like everyone else. Still, that gave me something to go on. Of course the name Juan didn’t help me much.

“What’s his last name, his surnames?” I asked, knowing that sometimes the men in Mexico took on their mother’s maiden names as well as their father’s.

“Bardem,” she said without hesitation. “Why all the questions?”

I shrugged and leaned back in my seat. “Just want to know more about you.”

Her brows knitted together as she eyed me suspiciously. “Maybe so, but you’re asking with this look on your face, like you’re all David Caruso.”

“David Caruso?”

“CSI Miami. It’s still my favorite, I don’t care for the other ones.”

“Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you but I don’t have the hair to be David Caruso, nor do I have the sunglasses and quippy one-liners.”

She took a sip of her wine but couldn’t hide her smile. Good, she was back to trusting me again. I wanted to ask her about her parents but I thought that would be pushing my luck. Whoever they were to her though, they were either dead or out of the picture. They had never come to see her in the hospital and the truth about her brother and sister explained why they hadn’t either.

What the hell have you done, Alana? I asked in my head as I stared at her across the table, the light illuminating her in an angelic way. Why would anyone pay me two hundred thousand dollars to have you killed?

And how the hell would I ever know the answers to those questions without incriminating myself?

Reading Order and Links

dirty angels cover dirty deeds cover

Each can be read as a standalone. Click on image to purchase from Amazon U.S.


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 Connect with Karina Halle: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Review: Love, In Spanish by Karina Halle

My Thoughts

A boldly evocative, emotionally gripping novella.
It’s intense. It’s raw. It’s insightful. And it’s beautifully written.



Nov-11Successful, wealthy and absurdly handsome – Spanish ex-football player Mateo Casalles seemed like he had it all. A high-society wife, an adorable little girl, and flashy apartments in Madrid and Barcelona only sweetened the deal. But there was more to Mateo than met the eye – a life of uncertainty and regret that colored his black and white world.

That was until Vera Miles came into his life like a shooting star. Tattooed, wild and young, Vera seemed like Mateo’s polar opposite at first. But you can’t choose who you fall in love with and the two lost souls did everything they could to be together, all while suffering the grave consequences.

Now with Mateo divorced and living in Madrid with Vera, there is a whole new set of challenges and setbacks facing the couple and rocking the foundation of their star-crossed relationship.

Unfortunately for them, the brighter the star, the faster they burn.

My Review

“I am thirty-nine years old. I was a national football hero. I have a young daughter. An ex-wife. I lived with the woman of my dreams… Now she is gone. And I am nothing but a black hole.”

My heart hurt so much reading this book. Mateo and Vera’s relationship is rife with uncertainty, tumult and aching need. It’s misshapen by expectations, pressure, and the world. It hounds them. Judges them relentlessly. Deems their love inappropriate. Temporary. A fling. Tries to shatter everything they’ve built. Yet despite their trouble, one thing remains true.

They love each other.

Madly. Deeply. Wildly. Fatefully.

Perhaps nobody would put these two people together. Perhaps there were mistakes made upon following their hearts. Perhaps the world conspired against them, placing obstacle after ugly obstacle to break them and separate them. But the two of them together were like the stars and the sun, burning brightly in fervid color, for forever. And I certainly felt that intensely.

The way author Karina Halle pens this novel is very emotive. From the beginning (one year later after Love, In English concludes), there’s so much feeling, both unworded and expressed, and we really get to see the richness and depth of Mateo Casalles. A man who feels deeply as the weight of the world presses heavier on his shoulders.

“Our journey has never been easy. The only thing easy in all of this is my love for her. It is pure, it is simple, and it is true.”

And the story opens with just that… a feeling… a restlessness Mateo can’t seem to shake. A foreboding that his whole world is about to change. He and Vera have been living together in Spain for a year. Vera has found a job and is taking Spanish lessons. Mateo has decided to make a change in his career too, realizing his heart was not in the restaurant business. Before he knows it, he has the opportunity to take a job that rouses an old passion back to life, and Vera’s job (and thus stay in Spain) is in jeopardy. And to make matters worse, the paparazzi have remembered Mateo and have caught Vera’s wild ways in print, for them to exploit to the world.

“One would think that after all we have been through together, the tears and the torment, the witch hunts and the slander, at some point the path would become clear, smooth, and even. But the road only twists and turns.”

Mateo’s situation is precarious. With an angry ex-wife who prioritizes reputation above all else, a daughter caught in the middle, a new job and a now-tense relationship, it all seems too much for him. I think Mateo feels pulled apart between his old life and his new one… between the pull of tradition and reputation, and the freedom of living life as you choose, opinions be damned.

“You brought me colors and stars and cosmos and wonders. I wanted you so badly, craved you so much, that I knew I would suffer whatever bad things would come my way.”

Mateo and Vera have found something special in each other… with each other… but they are so different still. They come from different worlds. They have different responsibilities. Different ways of dealing. And I think there’s a chasm they must bridge, that truthfully, they continue to work through as this is not something that’s overcome in this novella.

“It’s like the only time we’re really together, really a couple is when we’re both here. Other than that, our lives don’t mesh at all, and whatever way I’m living it is all completely wrong to you.”

This story felt intimate. Emotional. All aching raw need and hurt and love and so many other sobering, real things. It’s one man’s journey of dealing with it all as he works through his fears and insecurities to hold onto what is most important in his world. The woman he’s found that’s brought color into his life. Who has lit it on fire. Who has turned everything around in his life, yes, but who was exactly what he needed.

This is Karina Halle’s best writing. So evocative and powerful and even poetic. Visceral. I really felt my way through this novel, more than anything. I love that not all the ends of it are tied, that their love, although not perfect, is perfect for them and still very much a thing that requires work. Halle does an amazing job with character connection and development, with shaping the story to evoke every ounce of emotion, stripping unnecessary layers from the fairytale to give us the story of two people who love each other madly as they struggle to find a way to make it work. It was love, in the raw. And it was beautiful.

“You are my star, my light, my love. And it doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not because it is the truth and the truth always finds a way to shine.”

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Cover Reveal + Excerpt: Love In Spanish by Karina Halle

love in spanish cover final

I’m thrilled to be able to share with you the cover for Love, In Spanish, the follow-up novella to Love, In English… a book I absolutely loved! It’s coming November 11th and is available for pre-order!

 Pre-order Love In Spanish ✦ 


“She sat beside me on the bus – and she changed my whole life.”

Successful, wealthy and absurdly handsome – Spanish ex-football player Mateo Casalles seemed like he had it all. A high-society wife, an adorable little girl, and flashy apartments in Madrid and Barcelona only sweetened the deal. But there was more to Mateo than met the eye – a life of uncertainty and regret that colored his black and white world.

That was until Vera Miles came into his life like a shooting star. Tattooed, wild and young, Vera seemed like Mateo’s polar opposite at first. But you can’t choose who you fall in love with and the two lost souls did everything they could to be together, all while suffering the grave consequences.

Now with Mateo divorced and living in Madrid with Vera, there is a whole new set of challenges and setbacks facing the couple and rocking the foundation of their star-crossed relationship.

Unfortunately for them, the brighter the star, the faster they burn.


“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

I turn in my chair and give Vera a curious look. Yet another English saying that I don’t know. “I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

She gives me a soft but tired smile and sits down on the arm rest. I immediately wrap my arm around her waist and pull her down into my lap, where she comes to a rest with a giggle, her hair obscuring the impish smile on her face. No matter where she is, I can never stop touching her and now more than ever I need her to relax, to feel safe, to know I’m going to get us out of this.

“Explain,” I demand. “Or I will punish you with kisses.”

She raises her brow. “Followed by punishment by penis?”

I shrug. “That can be arranged. Now, tell me my Estrella.”

She sighs and buries her lips into my neck. I can’t help the small moan that escapes from me, nor my hardness building beneath her plump, round ass. I close my eyes and fight the urge to pick her up and take her to the bedroom, the only other way I know how to make her feel safe and sated, the only way I know how to escape.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” she says against my throat, “is a saying. I don’t know where it’s from but it means, well, nothing is scarier than a pissed off bitch.” She pauses, sucking in her breath and I know she fears she’s said the wrong thing. “Sorry,” she quickly adds and I feel her body tense up beneath my fingers. “I didn’t mean that Isabel is a bitch.”

She is still so skittish over her words, the way she blurts things out, but it’s one of the reasons why I love her. I cup the back of her head with my hand and let the softness of her hair sink over me. “I know you didn’t,” I assure her. “And, well, she is being a bitch.”

“Can you blame her though?” she asks, her voice rising a pitch and when she pulls away from me, her eyes are wet. It breaks my heart. I’m getting tired of my heart breaking and I know that this isn’t going to change anytime soon. Every day there is another weight on us, another crack appears.

“No,” I tell her honestly. “I cannot blame her.”

A silence lapses over us, heavy like a wool cloak. It does this sometimes. What we’ve done, it coats us.

Finally she clears her throat. “She’s going to hurt for a long time,” she says. “She’s going to be angry. This isn’t going away. I thought everything was behind us now, that she’d move on. You’ve been divorced for a year, if she’s still this mad a year out…”

“She is mad because I am going back to Atletico,” I tell her. “She is mad because of the paparazzi, the way they are hounding us again. She is mad because she feels she is being made to look like a fool. If I had just stayed with my head down, she wouldn’t be doing this.”

“But you can’t live your life in fear, Mateo,” she tells me.

I smile at her and brush her sunset hair from her face. “And neither can you.”

She settles back against my body, sinks, conforms, melds. She is second skin. She is a part of myself I can’t bear to separate from. I pray I never have to. I pray we can survive whatever is coming our way.

And I can feel it coming, that tension, that storm rolling in the weeks and days.

I pick her up in my arms and for all her pillowy curves, she weighs nothing more than a feather. I take her down the hall to the bedroom, throw her on the bed.  She glows in the afternoon sun that streams in through our window and it isn’t long before we are both naked and I am climbing over her, pinning her arms above her head and drinking in her body like the most beautiful, decadent wine.

I will devour her until all of this is gone.

I will consume her until we are all that’s left.

I push inside her and let my hunger take over.


love in spanish full wrap

Reading Order and Links

Love, in Spanish is the companion novella to Love, In English told from Mateo Casalles’ POV. The book touches on events from Love, In English, while expanding on Vera and Mateo’s happily ever after. This novella should be read after Love, In English.

Read my review of Love, In English ✦

love in english love in spanish cover final

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